How it Works

-> All parties of the contract register an account.

-> The primary party creates a contract, and adds the other parties accounts to the contract.
The contract will contain:

  • Contract Name
  • Contract Description
  • All parties of the contract
  • A minimum of 1 Escrow Operator.
  • A minimum of 1 Milestone

Each Milestone will contain:
  • Milestone Name
  • Milestone Description
  • Completion Price
  • Responsible Party

-> Once a Contract is created all parties must approve it.
If a party does not approve it, they can leave a comment as to why, for it to be updated.
Once all parties agree a service fee is calculated and a payment address is generated.
Once a payment address is generated for the service fee the contract CAN NOT be modified

-> Once a Milestone has been completed, the Responsible or Primary Party may generate a payment transaction.
Once a payment transaction is created; it can not be changed.
They can be signed by the required number of parties, or they can be canceled


We charge a 2% fee for all contracts that are created.
No payment transactions can be generated until the service fee is paid!

There is also a Default 0.00015000 Transaction Fee per withdrawal.
We do not recieve this Fee, While you can override it, we do not recommend it.
This Fee is to ensure your payment is processed in a timely manner.

0.00020000 BTC worth of Contracts Processed
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0.00001000 BTC worth of Fees Charged.